Re: A.320 crash in Warsaw

From: (Rainer Ludorf)
Organization: Comp.Center (RUS), U of Stuttgart, FRG
Date:         22 Oct 93 01:05:10 PDT
References:   1
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The latest release here in Germany identifies quite a different cause.
Apparently the aircraft did not touch down late and started to
reduce speed withn reverse thrust and full brakes applied. During
the investigation the brake marks from the skidding wheels were 
found, only that they were not black, but white. More investigation
into concluded that some sort of chemical reaction between the heated
rubber and some left-over cleaning agent had occured. This detergent 
is said to be used to remove oil and grease from the runway and had 
been applied just recently. The result is quite comparable to 
Shortly after touch down, the flight crew noticed that the a/c was
beginning to skid sideways drifting off the runway. Starting through was  
thus impossible.