Re: A-320 crash in Warsaw

From: (Rainer Ludorf)
Organization: Comp.Center (RUS), U of Stuttgart, FRG
Date:         22 Oct 93 01:05:08 PDT
References:   1 2
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> Provided they were on the ground, I don't think the wind was particularly
> relevant in this crash.  On the first day, an amateur organization in
> Germany ("Cockpit") was apparently defending the airplane against early
> suggestions that the plane had accelerated, taken off, and stalled out:  
> in an unstallable airplane, windshear seems a likely culprit.  It seems  
> they jumped the gun. :-)

Just a short note. The *amateur* organization is the *German Cockpit
Association*, which is the representative body off all flight and cabin  
crews in Germany. It is not restricted to Lufthansa but open
for all other German airline crews (LTU, NFD etc.)