Re: Lufthansa crash in Warsaw - Preliminary findings

From: (Carl A Slenk)
Organization: University of Vermont, EMBA Computer Facility
Date:         19 Oct 93 12:49:38 PDT
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Robert Ashcroft <rna@leland.Stanford.EDU> wrote:
>In article <29ivkd$>, (Torsten Kerschat) writes:
>{A320 crash in Poland)
>|> Ok. I thought you know, what problems can arise, when aquaplaning 
>|> occurs. The thrust reversal only works, when the wheels are turning !!
>|> This is provided for security reasons ! The thrust reversal should
>|> only available on the ground.
>|> They commission said, aquaplaning can cause that.  
>That's incredible, if it is true.  Is this a feature of all thrust-reversing
>systems, or something that was built into the A320 fly-by-wire system?
>And if this is unique to the fly-by-wire system, does it take the blame for
>the crash?
Some thrust-revering systems were deployable in the air; however with the
Lada air crash thought to have been caused by this happening, most (?)
planes now have some prevision for preventing this. Perhaps instead of 
weight switches a combination of gear down/flaps down/ ground proximity
detector detecting etc. could be used.

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