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Date:         19 Oct 93 11:52:13 PDT
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Robert Dorsett writes:
>look at the Lauda 767 crash near Thailand.  In that case, the
>automatic interlocks failed, and ripped the engine off the airplane

Are you sure that the engine was ripped off?  I never saw anything
about that in any of the reports, and I think I would have remembered
something that dramatic.  I also don't entirely see why an in-flight
reverser deployment would necessarily cause an engine separation, and
if it did, the aircraft should still be flyable.  (Unless its a DC-10.)

What I recall of the reports was that the asymmetric thrust produced
by the in-flight reverser deployment on one engine led to a situation
in which the aircraft was not controllable.  Apparently this had been
predicted some years ago as a situation that would be fatal to any of
the large twins.

The circumstances of this crash have led to some dispute previously in
the group.  Does anyone have the actual report handy so we can depend
on more than just memories in the future?

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