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From:         rna@leland.Stanford.EDU (Robert Ashcroft)
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Date:         14 Oct 93 03:03:15 PDT
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In article <airliners.1993.638@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Andy Goldfinger <> writes:
|>     The first time I flew was in the mid 1950's on a twin engined
|> aircraft that Eastern Airlines called a "Silver Falcon."  Can anyone
|> identify this airliner?

I would imagine it could be one of any of Eastern's twin engine types.
Could even have been a DC-3.
The Falcon was Eastern's symbol (later mutated into the ugly round thing
that was on their airplanes).  Their planes got called things like
Silver Falcon---Eddie Rickenbacker imagined himself a marketing genius
and plastered all sorts of things over his airplanes.

Eastern also got called ridiculous things like "The Great Silver Fleet".

Robert Serling has a book on Eastern (and on many other airlines besides).
You might look that up, though much of it is the usual soft-brained paen
to those aviation pioneers, who in his books always turn out to be wonderful
people, even when they were rather defective in reality.