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Date:         07 Oct 93 00:54:17 PDT
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In article <airliners.1993.618@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (T A Carvalho) writes:
|> asks:
|> >>P.S. Can somebody please elaborate on the original question:
|> does the sonic boom arise only on passing through the sound barrier,
|> or during the whole supersonic flight?

A well-known misunderstanding. The sonic boom is not caused by the
aircraft "breaking the sound barrier", but occurs anytime it flies at
a speed exceeding Mach 1.
|>  I am also willing to know what is it like having a Concorde at 
|> Mach 2 flying over my head 60000ft high.

It's not too bad. I've heard it on occasion, fifty miles off Cape Cod
in the North Atlantic (me being on a boat, I mean). A dull, distant boom,
not likely to cause any damage when overflying populated areas. The
problem is mostly psychological : it upsets people.

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