Re: Efficiency of commercial planes

From: (Shahid Siddiqi)
Organization: NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton VA, USA
Date:         06 Oct 93 03:50:47 PDT
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The fuel efficiency of airplanes like the 747 & 757
is quite good if all the seats are full e.g. the
747-400 can deliver 80 seat miles per gallon and
improve this to 90 if high density seating is used.
The 757 gives around 60 or so. Intrestingly some of
the experiomental general aviation kit planes also
give high values. The Cirrus by virtue of its
laminar flow wing & emmpenage gives 60 seat miles
per gal while the Glasair II and Lancair will give
about 50.  
The US passenger traffic annually is about 500
million passengers emplaned. Divide by the total gas
consumed by all the airlines (which I don't know)
gives you a figure.
Incidently does anyone know how they count
passengers? Do you get double counted going through
a hub e.g. fly from Washington to LA via Ohare do
you get counted twice because you changed planes at