Re: Do DC-9s exhibit a nose-down attitude under power?

From: (Daryl Morse)
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Date:         15 Jan 93 04:59:08 PST
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   Date: Tue, 12 Jan 93 11:56:08 -0500
   From: (Civ Daniel G. Sharpes)
   Newsgroups: sci.aeronautics.airliners
   References: <airliners.1993.41@ohare.Chicago.COM>

>   In sci.aeronautics.airliners you write:

>   >I have been told (by someone who had a lengthy career maintaining
>   >large military transport aircraft) that the DC-9 family of airliners
>   >exhibit a nose-down attitude under power. This supposed behaviour is
>   >attributed to the angle at which the engines are (or appear to be)
>   >canted.

>     I have flown on many DC-9s and have not noticed the nose-down attitude
>   you describe.

Yes, I've flown on many DC-9s as well and never noticed it either.
However, flying *on* a DC-9 isn't quite the same thing as flying a
DC-9.  Granted the plane doesn't give a nose down sensation to the
passengers. However, did the pilot have to apply back-pressure on the
yoke for that to happen? (Note that I'm not claiming pilots have to
apply back-pressure, or even that the aircraft exhibit nose-down under
power. I'm questioning whether that is true based on what someone that
I respect claims to be true.)

[stuff deleted...]

>     BTW, if you look closely at the transports with engines under their
>   wings, you'll see the engines are canted inward (by about 2 - 4
>   degrees).  This accounts for the effect the fuselage and sweptback wing
>   has on the upwash flow.

I've heard this, but never recalled it when I was strategically
positioned such that I would be able to notice it. Are you talking
about commercial airliners or military transports or both? Do you mean
inward at the front or the back? Presumably, the former.

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