Early 737s

From:         David Lednicer <dave@amiwest.com>
Date:         05 Oct 93 01:10:31 PDT
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	The Boeing 737-100 (and -200) as originally flown, had thrust
reversers borrowd from the 727.  Because they were under the wing (as
opposed to behind the wing) it was found that they were VERY ineffective
(story has it that the aircraft would actually speed up when the reversers
deployed).  The reason for this problem was that the reverser, when
deployed, would create a high pressure region under the wing, and reduce
the downforce on the main wheels, thereby reducing braking effectiveness. 
This problem was eventually fixed by extending the tailpipe aft of the
wing trailing edge, where it exited into a thrust reverser taken from the
Douglas DC-9.  I have pictures showing that quite a few 737s were
delivered to customers with the original thrust reverser.  Does anybody
know how many were delivered configured this way and when was the last one
finally retrofitted with the later thrust reverser?

				-David Lednicer