Douglas DC-3 Dakota

From: (Ole Petter Dahl)
Organization: Rogaland University Centre
Date:         15 Jan 93 04:59:00 PST
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I don't know if this is the right group to post this article in, but anyway,
I saw an Air Atlantic Douglas DC-3 yesterday. It landed on Sola International 
Airport. I observed it when I was working at Sola Heliport, Stavanger. 

Now the questions:

	- When was the first Daktota built ?
	- How many was built ?
	- When did the production end ?
	- How many are still flying today ?

Info about Air Atlantic wanted.

PS. I'm working in Braathens Helikopter (BRH). We've got 7 Eurocopter
(Aerospatiale) AS-332L1 "Super Pumas", also known as the Tiger. All of
them are equipped with Bristow Helicopters' IHUMS system. That is quite
impressing, BRH is the only heli-operator in the world wich has IHUMS on all its

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