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Date:         23 Sep 93 00:11:34 PDT
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V. Gopalakrishnan notes:
>And then there are the A320s that Indian Airlines has (sorry, don't know the
>official -2xx extension) which have four tyres on each of the main landing
>gear, (supposedly in order to allow the plane to operate from rough airfields)
>while all other versions of the plane I've seen only have two tyres on
>each of the main gear.

The four-tire main gear is unique to the Indian Airlines A320s, though
they're still called an A320-231 like most other V2500-equipped A320s.
This special modification caused Airbus some consternation after
Bangalore, when IA was talking about not accepting any more A320s and
returning the ones they already had, since the oddball main gear would
have made them somewhat difficult to sell to anyone else.

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