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Pete Coe asks:
>Taxi-ing around Heathrow yesterday I noticed a minor difference the 
>British Airways and Air France A320's.  The Air France ones (and the
>Lufthansa ones for that matter), all had small winglets on the wings.  
>The British Airways planes did not.

As far as I knew all A320s came with winglets, but I tracked down a
picture of a British Airways A320 and sure enough, no winglets.  A bit
of research revealed that this identifies the aircraft as an A320-111,
as opposed to a -211 or -231.  The first 21 aircraft were the only
-100 models.  Besides the lack of winglets, the major difference is a
lower MGTOW (150,000 lbs vs. 162,000 lbs) and reduced fuel capacity.

The only operators of the -111, besides BA, are Air France and Air
Inter.  All three also operate -200 models.

BTW, the difference between the -211 and the -231 is the engines --
the -211 has CFM56-5 engines while the -231 has V2500 engines.

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