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Date:         14 Jan 93 22:57:36 PST
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Karl Swartz writes:

>The "old" [Northwest Orient] colors were pleasing, if not the best in 
>the world.

I liked them myself, although I always felt that the "unfinished" black
stripe along the side looked rather strange because of the way it ended
at an arbitrary point on the fuselage.  The parallelogram-in-a-circle
logo was neat, though.

>Honors which went to Eastern before they switch to polished aluminum -- 
>the early Eastern Tri-Stars were truly beautiful, IMO!

Defintely!  Speaking of Eastern, I have a photograph at home in one of
my magazines (probably an old issue of Airliners) showing a Super Connie
in this modern Eastern livery.  It's gorgeous; not at all anachronistic,
IMHO. I also think the Connie looks great in the TWA paint scheme prior to
the current one, with the tapered red stripe widening toward the tail and
the double-globe "TWA" trademark.  A museum in the UK has a 749 painted 
like that.

Speaking of old planes with newer paint schemes, I was looking through a
book about Braniff at the library the other day, and ran across a picture
of a just-retired DC-6 that was used to test the Flying Colors idea back
about 1966 or thereabouts.  It was painted solid green with the windows 
outlined in white and "BI" on the tail.  It looked nice.  

>It's [United's] not *that* old -- it was introduced in 1974, comparable 
>to the current TWA, with a lowering of the stripes and increase in size 
>of the name c. 1988 - 1989, and addition of the U.S. flag for domestic
>aircraft in 1992.

I like United's current livery, and I liked the 1960s paint also, with
the narrow gold stripe between the white and the bare aluminum.  (It
looked really nice on the Caravelle, particularly.)  I was never too 
fond of the tarted-up early-Seventies version of this, though, with the 
word "United" in serifs, between stars, and the aforementioned stripe 
changed from narrow gold to wider red.  It was a change for the sake of 
change, and it looked like not very much thought went into it.  I'm eager 
to see this brand-new paint job.

>And of course there's American.  They switched to the big AA logo from 
>the eagle when, about 1904? :-)

Nineteen-seventy, actually.  I remember seeing a picture of the first
plane pained in the new scheme (a 727-200) in AvLeak at the time.  I
still have some bars of soap with the old A-eagle-A logo on the wrappers 
that my dad gave me when I was a kid.  (Along with a TWA Constellation 
swizzle stick, which I really ought to put in a safe-deposit box.  :-)

>And then there's their *big* change -- to silverish grey paint from
>polished aluminum for those aircraft where the manufacturer insisted
>on paint.

Those are just the Airbuses, aren't they?  Which Airbus models does 
American operate?


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