KC-135/707 relationship

From:         shafer@ferhino.dfrf.nasa.gov (Mary Shafer)
Date:         11 Sep 93 13:45:58 PDT
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Several people have posted remarks implying that the KC-135 is a 707
derivative.  This is absolutely incorrect.  The KC-135 was the
original aircraft and the 707 is its civil derivative.

In fact, the KC-135 was already being flown when the Air Force gave
Boeing permission to develop the 707.  This permission was required
because technology paid for by USAF was being used in the 707.  In
addition, there were questions about Boeing's ability to sustain the
required quality with two similar but not identical production lines
running parallel.

For what it's worth, the 747 started life as a rival proposal to the
C-5.  Fortunately for Boeing, they lost that competition.  There's a
story, perhaps apocryphal, that for many years the Air Force had
standing orders never to have both 747s and C-5s on the same

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