Re: New MD-80, MD-88 tailcones?

From: (Hayes N. Press)
Organization: Lockheed Engineering and Sciences Company
Date:         11 Sep 93 13:45:53 PDT
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> (Geoff Miller) writes:
>Speaking of emergency exits, were some DC-9s and MD-80s built
>without the tail stairway?  I don't remember which airline it
>was on, but I seem to recall seeing an emergency information
>card that either made no mention of the tail stairway or had
>separate evacuation instructions for airplanes with and without
>it.  (The ejectable tailcone seems to be present on all versions,

The tail emergency exit is present on all but the DC-9-10 series.  All 
MD-80's have the emergency exit in the tail, as well as, larger DC-9's
since the extra door is needed to meet the FAA regulation for evacuation
within 90 seconds.  The DC-9-10 does not need the tail exit since the exit
rule can be meet without it due to the passenger capacity being so small.

And on Ian's comment (just prior to Geoff's):
 >Retrofitting ought to be !!!!! relatively easy !!!!! as the tailcone is
>merely .......
This shows that Ian obviously has never worked on the retrofit of a piece of
 hardware (applies to software,too) that is use by scores of airlines in
 hundreds of configurations.  Nothing is easy when it comes to retrofits
 in the commercial airline transport business.  Not only do lots of federal
 regulations and company guidelines need to be met, but also foriegn
 regulations, airline operating procedures, and most of all crew training

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