Re: New MD-80, MD-88 tailcones?

From:         "David S. Wise" <>
Organization: Computer Science, Indiana University
Date:         11 Sep 93 13:45:51 PDT
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  or MIME structure (Geoff Miller) writes:

>Speaking of emergency exits, were some DC-9s and MD-80s built
>without the tail stairway?  I don't remember which airline it
>was on, but I seem to recall seeing an emergency information
>card that either made no mention of the tail stairway or had
>separate evacuation instructions for airplanes with and without

What is worse, I listened to cabin attendants on one airline
(hint:  it flew shiny, shiny MD-80s) read instructions verbatim
that said <roughly>
"This plane may [sic] be equipped with a rear exit door; in that case..."

Having heard this quote two or three times,
I pointed out that it would be rather late to check whether
there were actually a rear door, should it ever come time to my needing it.
I suggested that he (SDBCF) toddle on back and look, and then read only
the instructions for the stairs or for the slide---as appropriate.

Apparently, attendants are told to read *exactly* these instructions.
So the victims' estates are free to sue management?   Or the FAA?

Sheesh!  One would think that the emergency instructions would
be type-specific on "minor" things like the existence of exits!  :-|
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