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Terry Drinkard writes:

>What was to have been the 717 was named the 720 instead to please the
>UAL CEO who was purchasing them (UAL was the launch customer on the
>720 I think - am I right Karl?).

Yes, United was first to sign up for the 720; they and Eastern were
the launch customers, just as they were later on for the 727.  But I
can't locate any reference to a name change on the 720 -- as far as
I know the 717 is just Boeing's name for the KC-135.  (See also the
next aritcle in this thread, which suggests what could be a 717-to-
720 metamorphosis.)

>The 720 was the single aisle version of the 747SP.  I.e., a chopped body
>with extra long range performance.  As I understand it, the 720 is quite
>different from the 707 structurally.

I had always understood the 720 to be a medium-range derivative of the
707, which wasn't a blazing success because it didn't go far enough in
reducing costs.  However, I looked up the 720 in Legend and Legacy and
it talks about the 720B (the turbofan version) in the context of a
sale to Northwest in a manner that sounds more like your description.
They note, though, that load factors pushed Northwest to switch from
the 720B to the 707-320 Intercontinental on the same routes, so it
does not seem that the 720 had a significantly longer-range.

You aren't by any chance thinking of the five QANTAS 707-138s are you?
These were 10 feet shorter than a normal -120, to reduce weight and
thus give QANTAS the range they needed.

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