Re: New MD-80, MD-88 tailcones?

From: (Analytical Methods {NWNet})
Organization: UW Networks and Distributed Computing
Date:         02 Sep 93 04:13:00 PDT
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     Actually, the "screwdriver" tailcones are not retrofitable onto
older MD-80s and DC-9s.  A friend of mine at Douglas tells me that they
went through hell certifying the new tailcone.  This was because the
tailcone is jettisonable in an emergency and counts as an emergency
exit.  The old tailcone would fall free reliably and not foul the exit,
but the new tailcone wouldn't.  Hence modifications were necessary to
allow it to be certified.  The screwdriver (we call it a beavertail)
show a 1% improvement in cruise and I once had the idea of selling a
retrofit program for putting them on older aircraft, but this
certification problem killed my idea.  However, I would guess that the
MD-11 tailcone is retrofitable on the DC-10.

			-Dave Lednicer
			 Analytical Methods, Inc.