Re: Terrain-following radar for airliners?

From: (K.R. Wallace)
Organization: Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand
Date:         25 Aug 93 02:53:42 PDT
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There must be some problems in trying to bolt an old Terrain
Following Radar system into an airliner otherwise...

Aviation Week +ST had an article about a "ground collision
avoidance" radar. This was slghtly different from previous
TFR's and GPWS. Testing involved flying the F-16 around, 
parking it in different attitudes and letting it figure itself out.
The system is supposed to recover from the ensuing dive just
after a real pilot would normally. Some of the dives were pretty
steep. Figs like 60-70 deg. nose down. Wish I had the mag now!
Pilot reports said that watching this happen was interesting.

Sounds like a great thing for airliners.

Keir Wallace_c/o School of Aviation_Massey Univ_Palmerston Nth_New Zealand