Re: New MD-80, MD-88 tailcones?

From:         spagiola@FRI-nxt-Pagiola.Stanford.EDU (Stefano Pagiola)
Organization: Stanford University
Date:         25 Aug 93 02:53:32 PDT
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Robert Dorsett writes
> > I noticed on a recent trip that some MD-80's (MD-88's, too) have
> >"flattened" tailcones (versus conical ones). (...)
> They were installed on all new MD-80 series airliners starting
> in the late 80's, as part of a weight and drag reduction program.

The "flattened" tailcones are usually referred to as `screwdrivers.'
Their design is essentially the same as that of the MD-11's tailcone.   
I'm not sure which came first; certainly the MD-80s had them first,  
but I vaguely remember a Douglas employee telling me that they were a  
result of design work for the MD-11.  I believe their advantage is  
primarily lower drag.
All new MD-80s have them (I have somewhere the info on when the  
switch was made, if anyone is interested).  In addition, some  
airlines have retro-fitted them to older MD-80s.  Alaska is one that  
comes to mind.
I wonder if Air Canada's updated DC-9-30s will have them?

Stefano Pagiola
Food Research Institute, Stanford University (NeXTMail encouraged) (NeXTMail encouraged)