URGENT: Information please! Aviation Safety Reporting System

From:         Dr Peter B Ladkin <pbl@compsci.stirling.ac.uk>
Date:         25 Aug 93 02:53:29 PDT
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I have nothing substantial to add to Robert's comment on ASRS, but I do have a
query. I used to get their reports on a regular basis (they do a monthly
newsletter), since I filed an incident report with them once. I used to carry
the forms around in my flight case as a cheap form of insurance. Certainly,
private pilots are under the impression that immunity from enforcement is
granted if an ASRS report is filed. On the other hand, if an airline pilot
files with ASRS, that doesn't prevent his employer from taking action. For
example, you can believe that the pilot of the USAir flight which ran off the
end of the runway at [was it?] La Guardia filed an ASRS form. That didn't stop
him losing his job.

That's a tricky business here. Suppose a pilot turns up to work with less than
the minimum 8 hours between bottle and throttle. If he posts NASA a ASRS form
saying `Captain violated 8 hour rule. Crew did not query and allowed him to
perform normal duties.', would this grant him immunity from FAA enforcement
if someone discovers that he's been wilfully violating the rules?

In any case, one doubts that he could be granted immunity from law
enforcement, and therefore could be arrested for negligence and endangering
lives, or whatever.  This presumably is true of private pilots also.