Re: MD-11 slat extension

From: (Anthony Firmin)
Organization: Ingres Corporation, A subsidiary of The ASK Group, Inc.
Date:         11 Aug 93 13:41:08 PDT
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Dr Peter B Ladkin ( wrote:
: >uncommanded [or, rather, inadvertent] slat extension [causes a] series of
: >violent oscillations.  The [MD11] lost 5000', and spooked the crew enough that
: >they made a diversion to an air base in Alaska to inspect the airplane.  

: It was not just crew spook.  Two passengers were killed, and all passengers
: were injured, some severely.

>From what I remember when I was at Long Beach in May, McD told me it did at
least 5 barrel rolls during its altitude loss, I am sure they said the slats
were only extended on one wing !!  However the a/c was at Long Beach because
there was damage to the fuselage some twisting or something.

I've visited Long Beach quite regularly and for the first couple of
years I heard lots of stories about problems with the aircrafts software.
In Oct '91 they issued a new software update which cured a lot of problems.
However I had a flight on an American Airlines MD-11 a year ago from
ORD to MAN and I thought it was excellent, very smooth, incredibly quiet.
Changed my opinion of them - until the China Eastern incident.

..Anthony Firmin