Re: URGENT: Information please! Aviation Safety Reporting System

From: (Mark Brader)
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Date:         11 Aug 93 02:48:32 PDT
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> [Nance] specifically cites the fact that, although 
> the tendency of the Boeing 737 to "pitch up/roll off" when taking off under 
> icing conditions was well known since 1971, and was responsible for the crash 
> of Palm 90 into the Potomac on 13th January 1982, in the intervening 10 years 
> not one report of "pitch up/roll off" was filed by US pilots, although many 
> such incidents were reported from Europe.

I don't know about the Aviation Safety Reporting System, but I thought I
did know about that crash.  Wasn't it caused by the icing interfering with
the *instrumentation*, so that the crew thought the engines were at a
higher power level than they really were, and the plane simply stalled?
The way I remember it, noise regulations prohibited the technique of just
applying full throttle for takeoff.
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