Re: MD-11 slat extension

From:         Dr Peter B Ladkin <>
Date:         09 Aug 93 10:33:51 PDT
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>uncommanded [or, rather, inadvertent] slat extension [causes a] series of
>violent oscillations.  The [MD11] lost 5000', and spooked the crew enough that
>they made a diversion to an air base in Alaska to inspect the airplane.  

It was not just crew spook.  Two passengers were killed, and all passengers
were injured, some severely.

>Subsequent commentary in RISKS and elsewhere speculated that the digital
>cockpit in the airplane might have been responsible for the deployment.

I've asked elsewhere if anyone knew if digital systems were involved.  One
individual responded that the report will eventually cross her desk.
I don't recall seeing anything in RISKS.

I found the MD-11 that I flew on (Swissair) a year ago very comfortable, but ..
> [And stay away from DC-10's and MD-11's, as a guiding philosophy in life :-)
why the smiley face? :-)