Re: BAe ATP performance

From: (Philip M. Chuang)
Organization: Merit Network, Inc.  Ann Arbor, MI
Date:         03 Aug 93 23:06:48 PDT
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>There's another market for the BAe 146 (soon to be the BAe RJ).  That's
>service to small downtown airports, based on it's short take off and
>landing capability.  London City Airport and Stockholm Bromma come to
>mind.  I think it's also capable of using Miegs Field (Chicago) and
>Lakefront (Cleveland) but other (non-flight) regulations prohibit this
>at the moment (anyone know the details about this).
    Washington National would also be ideal for the 146, especially for
    the late-night New York Shuttles.  Unfortunately, an official at
    National told me a month a ago that they "actively frawn upon"
    allowing operations of 4-engined jets or wide-bodies into the airport.
    They believe that the local (highly expensive) communities will
    have the impression that National Airport would use it as the beginning
    of the slippery-slope toward allowing 747's to land there!
    This not only explains why the 146 does not land at National, but
    also why no 767's or A300/A310's land there.  Interestingly enough,
    there are only two jetliners that can land at  National during
    the night curfew--The Fokker F100 and the 757, but the Pratt & Whitney
    powered model only.