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Robert Dorsett writes:
>benefit of nicotine staining running down the the fuselage: it made finding 
>cracks *really* easy.  There was a comment that maintenance engineers weren't 
>very happy with the advent of the (then new) no-smoking rules...  

On the other hand I'll bet they were ecstatic over not having to clean
all the glop out of the air conditioning systems.

>Then again, how many "aluminum" airline paint schemes could look
>particularly unique?

How many "all white" paint schemes can look particularly unique?  I
suppose white is a more neutral base than aluminum to start from, but
you can slap stripes and a tail logo on either one just as easily.  I
would never pretend that Eastern's "hockey stick" scheme was remotely
attractive on aluminum, as it was on white, but you could tell that
it wasn't one of American's planes.

Let's just hope United isn't setting a trend for "all grey" schemes
in the future.  Bleah.  I think I prefer it to aluminum, but not by
a whole lot.  (The worst thing about German race cars is that their
racing color is silver.  At least the Brits got this part right.  But
I digress ... replies to this thread via mail!)

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