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Terry Drinkard writes:
>As I recall, all aircraft skins at Boeing are 'matched'.  Even Airbus has
>adopted this standard of skin quality.  :-)

One of Airbus' arguments in favor of painting was the use of composite
materials.  Airbus finally broke down and started delivering A300-600Rs
to American sans paint, though even at that a noticeable amount of the
aircraft is painted -- the entire empennage in particular.

>Bare skins do require more inspections and more maintenance than
>painted ones, but some customers think they pay off.

After the Aloha "convertible" 737 incident, when everyone started
looking at things a lot more closely, American was making a lot of
noise about how much easier it was to inspect for cracks with their
paintless scheme, since you didn't have to strip it.  I wonder how
much this changed the equation?

I'd think it must be pretty close to an even tradeoff, since in these
times I can't imagine nearly every airline other than American being
so vain as to paint their aircraft knowing it cost more in the long
run.  Well, maybe a lot are foolish enough to do so, but Southwest
certainly isn't!  :-)

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