Re: Russian aircraft. Was BAe ATP Performance (was: BAe ATP performance )

From: (Mike Collins)
Organization: DIS(organised)
Date:         30 Jul 93 13:28:19 PDT
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>British commercial aircraft development has been a farce since the
>end of WWII (with certain exceptions, e.g. BAC 1-11, maybe the Viscount).
>It's a pity, because some of their aircraft were really quite nice.  I've
>always been fond of the VC-10, which I think is one of the most beautiful
>post-war aircraft.  The Russians paid it the ultimate compliment by
>ripping off the design, wholesale, for the IL-62.

This brings me nicely to a subject I have been wondering about recently.
What do people think about the sales prospects for the new Russian aircraft?
I am not sure about the technical merits but the prices being quoted can
not be ignored. I guess that it would be an unlikly prospect that United or
AA (given the anguish a purchase of Airbus products cause) will ever buy
Russian but such a purchase could transform their balance sheets.

I flew on a number of Russian aircraft a few years ago and I must say that 
they did not seem that different from western aircraft.

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