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>Could someone please post technical details and history
>of this craft?

The British Aircraft Corporation 111 (pronounced One-Eleven) first
flew in 1963, and entered service in 1965.  It somewhat resembles a
DC-9 but has Rolls-Royce Spey engines and, except for the series 500,
is somewhat smaller than all but the most diminutive DC-9 variants.
The 111 was intended as a replacement for the Vickers Viscount.

The series 200, 300, and 400 all shared a 93.5 foot length, allowing
for up to 89 passengers, and an 88.5 foot wingspan.  These versions
differed only in increasing capacity, up to 87,000 lbs. MGTOW on the
series 400.  The series 500 had a fuselage stretch to 107 feet, with
up to 119 passengers, along with an increased wingspan of 93.5 feet.
Combined with higher-rated engines this version had a MGTOW of 104,500
lbs.  Finally, the series 475 used the series 500 wing and engines on
the series 400 fuselage, with a MGTOW of 98,500 lbs.  Range varied up
to about 1,865 miles.

Unlike other pre-Airbus European jetliners, the BAC 111 had a
significant presence in the U.S.  Mohawk flew a sizeable fleet, which
via merger became part of Allegheny's fleet and continued on with US
Air until quite recently.  American also operated a substantial 111
fleet as did Braniff.  Western ordered them as well though that order
was cancelled.

The last BAC 111 was built in 1982, but the line was sold (?) to the
Romanian firm ROMAERO SA which built a few series 500s as the ROMBAC
111.  After being dormant for years, the line has been revived with
an order from Kiwi International for an updated series 2500, using
the Rolls-Royce Tay 650 engine.  First delivery is scheduled for
November, 1994.

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