Re: BAe ATP performance

From:         spagiola@FRI-nxt-Pagiola.Stanford.EDU (Stefano Pagiola)
Date:         29 Jul 93 00:55:39 PDT
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B. Bilal Acuner writes
> ... Four [ATPs] are serving in THT which is a kinda Turkish
> Airlines Express Those planes are used to connect small cities
> to hubs like Istanbul and Ankara.  They're also used between hubs
> in off-peak hours. [But] they're too big to connect small cities
> to hubs and too  small to serve hubs even during off peak hour.
> The first idea of Turkish Airlines was to replace some of its
> old DC9-30 ,which are not economical at all, with ATPs for the
> flights in off-peak hours.  I think they've decided to buy some
> B737-400s for that purpose...

I believe the 737-400s are primarily replacing the 727s on European  
routes.  THT (which is to be merged into parent THY) has in fact now  
ordered RJ100s (ie BAe 146-300s).

Stefano Pagiola
Food Research Institute, Stanford University (NeXTMail encouraged) (NeXTMail encouraged)