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>I know BAe has flown the 146 into Miegs Field; I'm not sure why  
>services from there never developed.  Is there any service at all out  
>of Miegs?

Merrill C. Meigs (not Miegs) field was slated to be closed entirely
at one point.  I vaguely recall that it actually did close for a bit
before there was enough outcry to keep it open.  I suspect the main
problem is operational -- there is one rather short runway with runs
due north-south.  Being on the lakefront there must be some hellacious
crosswinds a great deal of the time, and probably severe problems with
ice from breakers off the lake coating everything in sight.

To my knowledge, there's never been any scheduled service out of Meigs,
just private stuff, especially a lot of corporate aircraft.  But United
did land a 727-22 there -- the final flight of one donated to the
Museum of Science and Industry, which is several miles south along the
lakefront.  They planned on moving it those last few miles via barge.

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