Re: BAe ATP performance

From: (B. Bilal Acuner)
Organization: Virginia Tech Computer Science Dept, Blacksburg, VA
Date:         27 Jul 93 23:49:45 PDT
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spagiola@FRI-nxt-Pagiola.Stanford.EDU (Stefano Pagiola) writes:
> MR DJ LOVEDAY writes
> > I have read that the British Aeorospace ATP has been selling
> > rather slowly.  I would like to know if there are any reasons
> > (other than a depressed market) for the low number of orders of
> > these aircraft. The early advertisements suggested that the ATP
> > was very fuel efficient which, I would assume, promote higer
> > sales volumes of the this type of aircraft.
> The ATP has been selling slowly from way before the market became  
> depressed.  I think the reasons for its lack of success are two-fold:  
> (1) although the aircraft is reasonably economic, it is too large for  
> most turbo-prop markets.  60 seats is just too many; the only  

Last year I made two flights with those ATPs back at home in Turkey.
They were just 2 years old and from the friends in Turkish Airlines 
and from the captains that I chat with I learned that it was really 
economic to put those planes in service. 
Four of them are serving in THT which is a kinda Turkish Airlines Express
Those planes are used to connect small cities to hubs like Istanbul and Ankara.
They're also used between hubs in off-peak hours. The problem was as the one
above. They're too big to connect small cities to hubs and too small to
serve hubs even during off peak hour. 
The first idea of Turkish Airlines was to replace some of its old DC9-30
,which are not economical at all, with ATPs for the flights in off-peak hours.
I think they've decided to buy some B737-400s for that purpose after they've
seen that they had lots of potential customers even during off-peak hours.

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