A340 flight: the straight dope

From:         rdd@cactus.org (Robert Dorsett)
Date:         27 Jul 93 12:33:35 PDT
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There's been a high level of conjecture on the A340 round-the-world flight.
The following is from the June 28 issue of AvLeak:

1.  The airplane was an A340-200, with four CFM56-5C's, five crewmembers, and
17 passengers.  The airplane ID isn't given, but there's a big "79" forward
of the front door. 

2.  The flight route was Le bourget-Auckland-Le Bourget.  It departed June
16.  The flight lasted 48 hours and 22 minutes, including a 5 hour, 4
minute stop in Auckland.  
    First leg: 21:32, 10307 nm, fuel burn 125.4 tons (276,500 lbs), 14.6
  	tons (32,200 lbs) remaining.
    Second leg: 21:46, 10392 nm, fuel burn 134.8 (297,200 lbs) tons of fuel.
	(just barely international IFR reserves left?)

3.  The airplane DID use additional fuel tanks: five, with a total additional
capacity of 28.5 tons (62,800 lbs).  No mention is made of whether they used 
special fuel, or supercooled it before takeoff (ala the 747-400 record-setting 

4.  The article notes the following records will be certificated by 
Federation Aeronautique Inernationale:
    - Longest flight by a commercial transport.
    - Fastest around-the-world flight in the 250-300 metric ton MTOW category.
    - Fastest flight between Paris to Auckland and Auckland to Paris.
    - First nonstop flight between the two cities, both directions.

Robert Dorsett