ABS brake systems on airplanes

From:         ejnichol@eos.ncsu.edu (ERIC JOHNSON NICHOLSON)
Date:         25 Jul 93 00:21:34 PDT
Organization: North Carolina State University, Project Eos
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I'm going to give a talk that will provide an overview on anti- lock
brake systems for all classes of wheeled transportation ie motorcycles, cars
, trucks(tractor/trailer) and aircraft during landing/takeoff.

Does anyone on this net work with Aircraft ABS could you tell me if the system
if self-contained on each strut ie a secondary flywheel system or is it more
like on late model cars with a wheel speed sensor on each wheel hooked to a
main computer with valving(sp?) controlled by same though hydraulic control
send back to each strut/wheel assembly.. I don't have access to much on
aircraft brakes, but from what little I've found, the early (late 1940's)
aircraft anitlock systems relied on a flywheel spooled up by  the repsective
ground wheel and some form of analog or mechanical 'computer' telling it to 
dump pressure off of pads if wheel speed fell to less than say 80% of flywheel
memory speed. Then flywheel would then reference/calibrate  its speed to new
ground wheel speed.  This process repeated until brakes were no longer needed. 

Any information is greatly appreciated.