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From:         Edward Hasbrouck <>
Date:         17 Jul 93 01:37:20 PDT
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Following is some information from trade sources on the newest 
commercial aircraft, a new longe-range widebodied passenger jet 
which makes its first commercial flight today.

I thought this might be news, and of interest, to readers of
sci.aeronautics.airliners and

Most discussion of aeronautics in "the West" focuses on only 
three (Boeing, Airbus, and McDonnell Douglas) of the Big Four 
commercial aircraft builders, omitting the fourth, Ilyushin.

But today's introduction of a longe-range, widebodied Ilyushin 
should make clear that Russia is fulfilling its commitment to 
remain a major supplier of commercial aircraft worldwide.

Even scoffing  Russia-bashers can ill afford to ignore Ilyushin.  
Soviet equipment has a huge installed base and predominates in 
many regions of the world.  The depressed ruble gives high-tech 
Russian products like airplanes an incredible competive edge in 
the world market.  A new Tupolev-154 costs less than US $2 
million, less than a tenth the cost of the most comparable 
(although smaller and shorter range) Western plane, a Boeing 737.

Russian aircraft makers have lost some gound, most notably in 
China.  CAAC, which once operated entirely with Soviet equipment, 
now buys MD-11's assembled in China.  But new markets are opening 
to Ilyushin as Cold War barriers to its sales are relaxed.

The first thirty IL-96's have been ordered with Russian Soloviev 
engines for several Aeroflot divisions and Uzbekistan Airways.  
But Ilyushin is making the planes even more atractive to foreign 
buyers by making them compatible with foreign engines.  Il-96 
prototypes with Pratt and Whitney engines are already flying, and 
the first five sales (plus options on five more) of IL-96's to a 
Western operator (the Dutch charter operator Partnairs) were 
announced recently during this year's Paris Air Show.

[following are excepts from press release:]

     Aeroflot To Introduce Fastest Nonstop Service
         Between New York And Moscow With New
          Ilyushin IL-96 Wide-Body Jetliner

Aeroflot Russian International Airlines has announced 
twice-weekly nonstop service between New York's JFK Sirport ans 
Moscow, effective July 16, 1993.  The flights will be operated by 
Aeroflot's newest intercontinental jetliner, the four-engine 
wide-body IL-96-300.

The aircraft, which recently received Federal Aviation 
Administration approval for commercial flights into the US, will 
operate on Tuesdays and Fridays in both directions.  Flight SU 
316 will depart JFK at 5:00 p.m., arriving at Moscow's 
Sheremetyevo Airport at 10:00 a.m. the next day.  Westbound, 
flight SU 315 will depart Moscow at 1:00 p.m. arriving New York 
(JFK) at 3:00 the same afternoon. [...]

Conceived by the world-renowned Ilyushin Design Bureau and 
manufactured at the Voronesh Aviation Complex, the IL-96-300 
brings fly-by-wire technology, impressive range and added 
passenger comforts.  The plane is the latest generation of the 
popular IL-86 jetliner that has been flying both domestically and 
internationally for over a decade.  The spacious IL-96 provides 
almost double the range of the IL-86, thanks to a lighter 
structure of new alloys and composites combined with aerodynamic 
improvements, including the addition of winglets.

The new IL-96 will offer three-cabin service: First Class with 22 
seats, Business Class with 40, and Economy Class with 173, for a 
comfortable total of 235 passengers.  The IL-96 will span the 
4,672 mile distance in just 9 hours eastbound, making the flight 
the fastest nonstop service on the route.  These new nonstops 
will save travelers over 4 hours compared to the time taken on 
Aeroflot's scheduled IL-86 flights, which make refueling stops in 
Gander, Newfoundland and Shannon, Ireland.

Like other Aeroflot aircraft, the Economy class seat pitch, or 
distance between seats, is over 34 inches allowing ample knee 
room even for the longest of legs, and there's more room still in 
First and Business classes.  On board the IL-96, Aeroflot 
passengers will also enjoy in-flight movies and stereo audio 
entertaainment pluss international meal service provisioned by 
Caterair (formerly Mariott) flight kitchens.

Aeroflot Russian International Airlines serves more than 135 
international destinations around the globe.  The airline offers 
35 weekly flights on its summer schedule between the US and 
Russia from six US gateways: New York, Washington, Miami, San 
Francisco, Chicago, and Anchorage. [...]

The new IL-96-300 is designated "IL9" in computer reservation 

[following are excerpts from IL-96 specifications:]

passengers - one class           300
passengers  -three classes       235
payload                          40 metric tons (92,109 lbs.)
cruise speed                     900 km/h (559 mph)
cruising altitude                12 km (39,700 ft.)
range - 15 metric ton payload    11,000 km (6836 miles)
range - 30 metric ton payload    9,000 km (5594 miles)
engines                          4 Soloviev PS-90A turbofans
thrust/engine                    16,000 kg (35275 lbs.)
seat pitch - first class (2-2-2) 1020 mm (40.2 in.)
seat pitch - business (2-3-2)    900 mm (35.4 in.)
seat pitch - economy (3-3-3)     870 mm (34.2 in.)
takeoff distance                 2600 m (8530 ft.)
landing distance                 2000 m (6561 ft.)

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