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From:         purvis@sun-valley.Stanford.EDU (Chris Purvis)
Date:         15 Jul 93 03:47:09 PDT
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  or MIME structure  (David A. Kosower) asks:
>> How many flights, and how many flight-hours, does a typical 
>> pilot for a major scheduled American carrier, fly per year?  

>> Ditto for commuter carriers.


At Mesa Airlines in 1990-91 we operated two aircraft, EMB-120 "Brasi-
lias" and BE-1900 "Airliners," flying passengers from small towns in 
rural AZ,CO,NM,WY, and SD to the hubs in Denver, Albuquerque, and Phoe-
nix.  Our pilot senority list had approximately 200 pilots  (con-
sisting roughly of 50% Captains, 50% First Officers).

When I flew the line as a First Officer for 215 days, I recorded
time from engine startup to shutdown (aircraft operating time).  

On average I estimate 10% of operating time was spent on the ground,
either at the gate or taxiing.  Gate and taxi time at rural apts 
would be about 4%, at less-congested hubs about 7%-10%, and in 
Denver probably over 20% of total operating time.

Here's what my logbook says:

TIME IN TYPE:					673 	hrs


The following figures can vary considerably from month to month,
I took these from memory:

DUTY DAYS PER MONTH:			approx	19	days
DUTY HOURS PER MONTH:			approx 160	hrs

DUTY HRS PER DUTY DAY (SHIFT):		approx	 8.4 	hrs
FLT  HRS PER DUTY DAY (SHIFT):		approx	 5.0	hrs
	DUTY HRS / FLT HOUR  :		approx   1.7	-

LEGS FLOWN PER SHIFT:			approx	 5.6	legs

Chris P.