A340 Landing gear

From:         ctillier@phoenix.princeton.edu (Clemens Emmanuel Tillier)
Organization: Princeton University
Date:         15 Jul 93 03:47:08 PDT
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I visited the Bourget airshow a few weeks ago, and I noticed during the in-
flight demonstration of the Airbus A340 that the main gear does something
peculiar on landing.
The rear wheels touch first, the bogie rotates and only a few seconds
later the front wheels touch. (Front wheels here have nothing to do with nose
gear)  You can see it really easily: there are two widely spaced puffs of 
smoke when the aircraft lands.
I presume this is to reduce shear forces as the wheels are spun up,(two small
backwards yanks instead of one big one) but I really have no idea.

Why is the design like this?

Clem Tillier