Re: Af retires 707 970

From: (SSgt Scott Jacobson;93D APS/TROS;981-7441)
Date:         15 Jul 93 03:47:06 PDT
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*Indeed there is some confusion, but I'm afraid you don't have it quite
*right either.  There are actually several specially-equipped "Presiden-
*tial" aircraft.  Currently there are a pair of Boeing VC-25A (747-2G4B)
*presidential aircraft, with two VC-137C (707-353B) aircraft possibly
*still in the fleet.  JP actually does list one VC-25A (82-8000) as being
*Air Force One but the two aircraft are idential and either one could be
*the "real" Air Force One at any given moment.

Those two 707-353Bs are still in the fleet along with 2 second hand
707-300s. The two original 707-353Bs (62-6000 & 72-7000) have been
reconfigured since they served as AF-1 and no longer have all the
extras and are no longer designated presidential aircraft. 
One visible sign of this is the paint scheme - The designated
presidential aircraft has a light blue area beneath the nose along
with a presidential seal. 62-6000 & 72-7000 used to have this scheme,
but were repainted when deconfigured. 

Again, the President can and does use other Air Force aircraft besides
the 2 747s. And when he is aboard these other aircraft they carry
the radio call sign AF-1. But they do not get the special MX, comm gear,
etc. that the "officially" designated AF-1 (the 747) gets.

*For example, if memory serves, when JFK was assasinated LBJ flew down
*to Dallas on the second presidential aircraft, the first having taken
*JFK to Dallas.  He flew back to Washington on the same aircraft, which
*became Air Force One when LBJ was sworn in during the flight.

LBJ took 58-6970 down to Dallas and returned to DC aboard 62-6000. 62-6000
was the "official" AF-1 at the time and it has been suggested that LBJ
was eager to assert his official right to the aircraft. Also he was
sworn in on the ground, but aboard the aircraft, before take-off. Secret
Service was eager to get him to a "safe" place and the jet was selected -
thats why he was sworn aboard the jet.