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>Seems that there is confusion about what makes an airplane "officially"
>Air Force One. True any air force jet carrying the Big Boss has the radio
>call sign "air force 1", however there is only one jet that is exclusively
>reserved for the use of the president. This "official" air force 1 gets 
>real special treatment from the maintenance folks!!

Indeed there is some confusion, but I'm afraid you don't have it quite
right either.  There are actually several specially-equipped "Presiden-
tial" aircraft.  Currently there are a pair of Boeing VC-25A (747-2G4B)
presidential aircraft, with two VC-137C (707-353B) aircraft possibly
still in the fleet.  JP actually does list one VC-25A (82-8000) as being
Air Force One but the two aircraft are idential and either one could be
the "real" Air Force One at any given moment.

For example, if memory serves, when JFK was assasinated LBJ flew down
to Dallas on the second presidential aircraft, the first having taken
JFK to Dallas.  He flew back to Washington on the same aircraft, which
became Air Force One when LBJ was sworn in during the flight.

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