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From: (David A. Avery)
Organization: CERFnet Dial n' CERF Customer
Date:         08 Jul 93 01:27:37 PDT
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I have been participating in the FAA side to the tests . The FAA Tech 
Center @ ACY has benn running various ATC/DATALINK tests for the past
few years. This year they have moved from "simulated" equipment to
real CDU's in flight simulators, using airline pilots as subjects
and networking the realtime data thru the "National Simulation
Facility" @ACY to controllers. This years first run was in simulated
RDU approach airspace (<50 mi. to apt.) and we expect to do a
second run this fall in simulated ORD airspace.


David A. Avery                    
Avia Research 
Flight Simulation