Re: AF Retires 707 970

From: (Mary Shafer)
Date:         29 Jun 93 09:23:06 PDT
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On 28 Jun 93 22:46:41 PDT, (Milton L. Fulghum) said:

Milton> In <airliners.1993.467@ohare.Chicago.COM> Scott Jacobson
Milton> <75706.2201@CompuServe.COM> writes:

>970 was used briefly by Eisenhower but was never officially "Air
>Force One".  Kennedy also used the aircraft at times.

Milton> I was under the impression that any aircraft hauling the
Milton> President was considered "Air Force One".

Only if it's an Air Force plane.  When Reagan came to Dryden to watch
STS-4 land, he came in Marine One (a big green helicopter).

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