Boeing fuse pin revisited

From: (Robert Dorsett)
Date:         29 Jun 93 09:22:59 PDT
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The July 5, 1993 issue of Businessweek has an article on the 747 fuse pins,
on page 96.  The upshot is that on June 18, Boeing announced a fuse pin 
replacement strategy. 

The rest of the article is rather bad, like most of the reporting on the El
Al crash has been.  It also fails to differentiate between the freighters 
and the rest of the fleet.

It does contain an interesting note, though, that Airbus apparently doesn't
believe in "break-away" engines (the fuse pins installed on Boeing airplanes
are there to permit the engine to shear away following substantial engine
vibration, on the theory that it's better to drop an engine than risk damage
to the airframe or wing).  "If an Airbus crash-lands, the plane can even skid
on its engines without their falling off."

An issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology reported earlier this year that
Boeing had found the problem was that Boeing had underestimated shear forces
in one part of the assembly by 1000% or so.

Robert Dorsett!!rdd