Maintenance and Management Information Systems

From:         Glenn Radinsky ( <S05152@DOC.FLC.COLORADO.EDU>
Date:         28 Jun 93 22:35:07 PDT
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Dear Mike:

> I was wondering. Have the major airlines totally           
> computerized their  maintenance records or do they still   
> use a paper trail. Also do they airlines (or corporate     
> aviation) use management information systems in other areas
> besides computer reservation systems. Any information would 
> be appreciated. If you could please post responses so that 
 > the information can be shared, if not please e-mail       
 > responses to
> I thank you in advance

     I was an intern at United Airlines last summer, and it is
my impression that they do computerize their maintenance
records.  I think they try to computerize almost everything
that has to travel a lot (like maintenance records, scheduling
information, etc). so that it can be delivered electronically
rather than through the USPS.  And while I cannot speak for
other major airlines, I would be willing to bet that those who
have the money and the resources to do it (such as American
and Delta) would computerize their records as well.  After
all, in many instances those records have to be where the
plane is, and in many cases they are easier to update
     As far as MIS's are concerned, I think that most of the
stuff that United does is done with a computer.  This is
mostly due to the sheer volume of the transactions it has to
process and the data it has to keep track of.  And because all
of this information has to be tracked quickly and accurately,
a good MIS becomes a necessity.  Indeed, American was the
first airline to make its MIS a competitive weapon (SABRE and
fare structuring being an example of this).

     Well, just some thoughts...

                      Hope this helped,