ATC equations.

From:\E (Olof \Estrand)
Date:         24 Jun 93 13:38:16 PDT
Organization: Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
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I am going to write a program to calculate the flight paths of aircrafts,
and would be interested in any information I could get. 
It is for a future European ATC system and I am aware of the fact that the 
time I have available is alittle bit to short.
If there is anyone who knows anything about this subject or is intrested to
learn more, I would be happy If you would contact me.
I am doing this for my final thesis (12 Weeks) at the Royal Institute
of Technology in Stockholm where I major in applied mathematics.
I am doing this in cooperation with Celsius-Tech where they have a
system for Air traffic control. However their flight models are very much
oversimplified and I am going to use a more accurate model. 

Thanks in advance,
Olof Astrand.

                                    (o o)
Olof Astrand