Re: can en route congestion be avoided for commuter flights?

From:         ak336@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (John Dill)
Date:         24 Jun 93 00:37:56 PDT
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>I'm looking for ideas about how the en route congestion problems
>could be avoided by short-haul commuter flights.  One suggestion
>that I have heard is to proceed from tower-to-tower, thereby
>obviating the need to merge with en route flow.  Also, I understand
>that the low altitude (under 10,000 ft) airways (at least in comparison
>to the commuter and jetway altitudes) are underutilized.  Any comments?

>Mike Fabrizi
>The MITRE Corporation

The low altitude airways are perhaps "under utilized" by IFR traffic, but
that airspace below 10,000' is often (especially on week-ends) populated by
"indians"  (controller slang for Navajo...Cherokee...etc.). The commuter
 flights are usually in the high teens to low twenties and are usually 
 segragated at the arrival fix from jet a/c by altitude. Most enroute
delays or vectors are for spacing with other commuter traffic...not jet
John Dill ATCS, Cleveland ARTCCC

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