Re: A340 long distance reord

From: (Jaap Romers)
Organization: Utrecht University, Dept. of Computer Science
Date:         21 Jun 93 14:12:06 PDT
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In <airliners.1993.459@ohare.Chicago.COM> sandee@Think.COM (Daan Sandee) writes:

>CNN reported that an A340 had set a record (long distance for airliners)
>by flying Paris to Auckland in 21.5 hours (miles were given , but I
>don't remember).

This is what I read this morning in the newspaper:

Departed last wednesday 11:58 local time at Le Bourget, Paris.
Arrived in Auckland 21 hours and 48 minutes later (non-stop, 19246 km).

"Pitstop" of 5 hours in Ackland. The return-flight was 21 hours, 32
minutes and 19100 km. The A340 arrived at Le Bourget on Friday at 12:21 loxa
time. On board were 20 people.