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Date:         13 Jan 93 01:30:25 PST
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Helen Trillian Rose <> writes:
>I was paging through and on pages 6 and 7 there is this beautiful
>gorgeous 747-400 (N7471U -- but I don't have my JP with me :)

I just got something from United in today's mail with that is likely
the same picture, and thought I'd have the scoop!  Oh well.  As for
gorgeous, I suppose that is in the eye of the beholder.

BTW, don't bother with the JP.  It's a painting, not a photograph,
and United's 747-400s are registered N171UA and up.  Closest you'll
find is N47xxU which are the 747-122s.

>The new livery has the same basic colors (White, Blue, Orange) but adds
>a new grey. The tail has the old United logo on it (alot smaller than
>the old one) and is also striped in a two-tone blue. 

Well, sort of, but the only white is lettering and the borders of the
logos, and I had to look again to notice the old red and orange, which
are little more than a pinstripe below the windows.  Below that is a
dark blue, and above is a medium grey.  You apparently like Northwest's
new colors so it's not surprising that you like this; I find both of
them dark, dreary, and depressing.  The "old" colors were pleasing, if
not the best in the world.  (Honors which went to Eastern before they
switch to polished aluminum -- the early Eastern Tri-Stars were truly
beautiful, IMO!)

Come to think of it, one of the nicer schemes, IMO, is British Airways
and perhaps not coincidently United's new one reminds me a bit of that.
The big difference, I think is that the BA grey is much lighter, more
like an off-white than battleship grey.

>United is one of the last of the "old school" of airlines who were using
>an "older" livery. Delta has changed (some), Northwest has changed (to
>the new spiffy grey & red that they debuted the 747-400 with),
>Continental, etc.  Southwest has stayed the same, but, that's not a
>surprise. :-)

It's not *that* old -- it was introduced in 1974, comparable to the
current TWA, with a lowering of the stripes and increase in size of
the name c. 1988 - 1989, and addition of the U.S. flag for domestic
aircraft in 1992.  Delta has changed since the early sixties but you
have to have a sharp eye to see it.  And of course there's American.
They switched to the big AA logo from the eagle when, about 1904? :-)
And then there's their *big* change -- to silverish grey paint from
polished aluminum for those aircraft where the manufacturer insisted
on paint.  Oh boy!  :-)

>Is this livery flying yet, or is it just "something to come"?

>From the brochure I received:

    "Right now, in the skies throughout the world, you should begin
    seeing this bold new look on United aircraft."

I'll be up at SFO on Friday and will look around -- with as many as
five or six new Boeings arriving every week, and with United's only
maintenance base there, they will probably be there if anywhere.

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