Re: commercial air safty

From: (Philip M. Chuang)
Organization: Merit Network, Inc.  Ann Arbor, MI
Date:         21 Jun 93 14:05:06 PDT
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>I am looking for articles and/or statistics on commercial carrier safty. Close
>friends of mine will not fly out of fear for their lives. They regard my love
>of flying to be a form of madness.  Any suggestions?:

Karl's right in that most books tend to focus on a few accidents/incidents
so they tend not to make very comfortable reading.  However, the British
magazine "Flight International" publishes both military and civilian
accident/incident report every six months.  While that report lists all
the accidents in the precious six months, it also includes general statistics
such as "Number of fatalities per 100,000,000 miles flown," but you
then need to do some homework to compare that to some local auto accident
statistics of your area.