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From: (Mike Collins)
Organization: DIS(organised)
Date:         21 Jun 93 14:04:58 PDT
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In article <airliners.1993.456@ohare.Chicago.COM> writes:

>what ever the reason, the FACT remains that there have been three A320 
>crashes, in as many years.  No other aircraft of similar technological
>vintage--757/767, A310, A300-600, 747-400--can claim the same.  It is 
>very puzzling that, considering the "glassy" similarities among these air-
>planes, there haven't been more problems, fleet-wise.  Perhaps one
>difference is that on the other airplanes, pilots are more in the loop,
>on their toes--whereas with the A320/330/340, one is in that blasted 
>*cocoon*, and taught to BELIEVE! 
But hang on here. I can remember as a kid in the mid sixties reading about 
a series of crashes involving the B727. Uk newspapers were running headlines
like "Jinx Jet Crashes Again". Well they would wouldn't they? They were trying 
to sell the Trident. But the fact remains that the cause of these crashes (as 
far as I remember) was pilots were upgrading from piston craft to jets and
had no idea of the true handling "quirks" of the 727. The common problem was
allowing speed to decay on the approach. We are talking the same problem here
with the A320, a change from a familiar technology to a new. I think. 

Perhaps half the problem lies with who airlines choose to be their pilots.
If they put a "boy racer" in charge of a multi million dollar arcade game 
like the A320 what do they expect. 

I think the voice commands from the FMS should, every 5 minutes, repeat what
every pilot learnt at his instructors knee."There are old pilots and there are
bold pilots but there are no old bold pilots"

Mike Collins