Haynes talk at Dryden

From:         shafer@ferhino.dfrf.nasa.gov (Mary Shafer)
Date:         21 Jun 93 14:04:50 PDT
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Just an extra bit of information--I'm the Mary that Capt. Haynes
refers to when he talks about declaring an emergency.

I still have 4 or 5 copies of the video tape of the talk, which I'll
send to the first requestors.  There are some limits on requestors--
I'd like to put this in the hands of people who'll show it to large
groups.  So--Aero departments at universities and colleges, company
flying clubs, companies with aeronautical departments, libraries--are
the people I'd like to send these to.

Write on your letterhead to
        NASA Dryden Flight Research Facility
        Ms Mary Shafer
        Mailstop 4840D
        P.O. Box 273
        Edwards, CA  93523-0273

Mary Shafer  DoD #362 KotFR NASA Dryden Flight Research Facility, Edwards, CA
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